The biggest loss of heat and comfort in most homes isn’t due to a lack of insulation, it’s the result of many small holes and gaps that allow air to leak into the home.

The average home has over two square feet of holes and gaps which allow air to leak in and out. That is like leaving a window open all day every day! In most homes this means that 35% of all lost heat is because of air leaks.

Another place where homes leak air is in the ductwork. Most ductwork is either in the attic or under the floor and it is almost never air tight. This means that 35% of all the heat that comes out of your furnace is often lost through duct leaks before it ever makes it to the livable areas of your home.

Total Comfort can fix the leaks in your ductwork and other areas of your home!

Before we can fix the problems, we need to do two special tests that will allow us to quantify and locate your leaks, and help you qualify for rebates and incentives.

The first test, which measures the leakage of your home, is called a Blower Door Test. The second test, which is done at the same time and measures the leaks in your ducts, is called a Duct Blaster Test.

When the leaks have been identified and quantified, they can be sealed. Total Comfort uses numerous methods of sealing — all of which are durable so the work won’t have to be redone.

Once the work has been completed, we repeat the Blower Door and Duct Blaster tests. This is to verify the quality of our work and ensure that the project meets all the requirements to qualify for rebates and incentives.