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  • Since you insulated my attic with fiberglass, my fuel usage dropped from .21 gallons/HDD (Heating degree day) to .12 gal/HDD, a reduction of 43%. Additionally, including the insulated windows I installed last winter, my fuel usage dropped from .26 gal/HDD to .12 gal/HDD, a total of 54%. Less than 2 years. Insulation works!

    Patrick A.Salem
  • As the former director of the Oregon Department of Energy, I understand energy efficiency and how quality products rely on quality installation. I could have chosen anyone to install windows in my home, but I chose Total Comfort. I know of no other company that invests in training and quality service like Total Comfort and no other company that stands behind its products and services like Total Comfort. That offers confidence in quality products and services year-after-year. I believe the people at Total Comfort will take care of my home as they would their own – and that means a lot to me. There may be other choices, but for me there is only one.

    Mr. Lynn FrankSalem
  • I wanted to share some feedback with you about a recent inspection performed on one of your company’s projects. This sentence accompanied a QC inspection report that was submitted through my department this week: “Suzanne W’s project passes with one of the most beautiful attic insulation jobs I've seen yet.” I appreciate seeing this and wanted to recognize your commitment to performing great work.

    Marshall JohnsonEnergyTrust, HES Quality Control Manager
  • We are so grateful that you were able to find and install the special formaldehyde free, “Hospital Grade” fiberglass insulation. As you know my wife is hypersensitive to chemicals and we thought that we were going to just have to live in a cold house. But everything worked out fine.

    Jim & Nancy M.Salem
  • Thank you so much for installing those wonderful Empire Pacific windows. They are so easy to open and look so attractive. I appreciate your work and will recommend your company.

    Bonita B.Salem
  • We had Total Comfort insulate our walls and floors and put on new vinyl siding 2 years ago. The results were just un-canny. I think it is working even better this year than last year. Our friends live a couple blocks away, in about the same size house. Their gas bill for last month was $135.00 and ours was $85.00. We are real happy!

    Wayne P.Salem
  • Thank you Total Comfort! I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the staff and the help that they gave me. They are very professional and I couldn't get over how hard your installers worked and how careful they were and respectful of my property. They never goofed off and they worked hard every day they were here. You can be very proud that they work for your company. Thanks again!  

    Joan L.Keizer
  • Thanks so much for a job well done. I love my windows. I am now warm and feel as though I have a home. Your installers were very respectful and knew exactly what to do and the proper way to go about the job to have a great finished product. I would tell anyone that was interested that your company has very good people and should be the one to call.  

    Blanche B.Salem
  • We continue to be pleased with the excellent service we received from your employees. They are respectful and courteous when addressing our questions and when working in our home. We have already been spreading the word to our friends. Thank you for taking such good care of us.

    Trina Y.Silverton
  • We want to express our satisfaction and appreciation with the work that your crews did replacing our windows and insulation. They were very respectful and accommodating as far as disturbing us and our plants around the house. It was a big job but they took pains to disrupt us as little as they could while doing it. We are very pleased with our lower heating bills and look forward to more efficient cooling in the summer.

    Erman & Clara M.Dallas
  • I was pleased with your work ethic and willingness to explain everything in detail. This included from the first appointment to give us an estimate to the employees doing the work. At the first appointment I felt time was spent in answering all our questions and helping us understand what the work would entail and what would be the benefits. The workers were pleasant to have in my home, took great pains to put down plastic and were willing to explain and answer all my questions. I have a very special cat in my home and they respected the room in which she was locked during the work. They cleaned thoroughly after the work, vaccuming the dining room and living room carpet and cleaning the garage of all insulation and carried away all left over materials. Now the good part is that I have EVEN heating and cooling in all my rooms, the furnace runs to the prescribed temperature and rarely comes on durning the day. I think I was living in a sieve and did not realize it, I'm sure my heating and cooling bills will be an improvement. You have greatly enhanced the benefit I will see from my new furnace. Your office preparing the tax credit and incentive forms was an added bonus.

    Marcella P.Salem