We are always happy to help answer your questions over the phone or in person, but here are brief responses to a few of the most common questions we get. Please call us if you would like more information or if you have a question to add.
Do you have stock windows or do you order them for my project?

We custom order every window so that it is just right for your home. This does mean that your windows typically take about two weeks to arrive, but they actually cost less than “stock” windows and will be a perfect fit.

How long will the old windows be out of my house before the new ones are installed?

We install the windows one at a time (not all at once) and typically a window is only out for a few minutes. We never leave an open hole overnight.

When insulating my walls, do the crews need to come inside the house?

Yes, the crews need to check for holes inside your home that might allow insulation in (typically in cabinets or under sinks) and for in-wall heaters, in-wall ducts, knob & tube wiring, or other areas that shouldn’t be insulated.

How do I get my incentives?

99% of the time, we’ll take care of it for you.

What is the difference between an “incentive” and a “tax credit”?

Most utility companies provide cash incentives that are either rebates or upfront discounts. The State of Oregon, through the Dept of Energy, and the federal government provide tax credits that can lower your tax liability.

Why do I need to seal my heat ducts before insulating them?

An average duct system looses about 30% of the heat coming from your furnace- mostly through gaps and leaks in the ducts. Since insulation will not stop the leaks, it doesn’t make sense to just cover over the problems with insulation.

What kind of insulation do you use?

We use many types of insulation, but primarily fiberglass. When installed properly fiberglass is the most cost-effective option and doesn’t have any of the problems (noxious chemicals, settling, etc) associated with spray foam, cellulose, or rock-wool. The fiberglass we use is not like the fiberglass of 10 years ago; it does not contain formaldehyde and therefore doesn’t itch or have any odor.

There is pink insulation coming out of my heat ducts, what is going on?

The most likely problem is that you have flexible heat ducts which have been damaged and are disintegrating. The pink insulation is probably part of the duct work and not from your underfloor or attic insulation. Damage to flexible heat ducts is most commonly caused by improper duct cleaning or animals living under your floor.