Limited Lifetime Warranty

Total Comfort Weatherization, Ltd. (“Total Comfort”) warrants that, subject to the terms, conditions, and limitations herein, any installation procedures performed will be free from workmanship defects. Should such a defect occur, Total Comfort will remedy it at no cost to the owner.

Terms, Conditions, and Limitations

  1. This warranty applies only to single-family owner-occupied homes and to the individual listed on the invoice.
  2. In the event that the home is sold or becomes occupied by somone other than the person listed on the work invoice, the warranty is for a period of ten years from the invoice date.
  3. This warranty applies to workmanship of installation only and not to materials or products. Please see the manufacturer’s warranty for products.
  4. Total Comfort shall have sole determination of workmanship defects.
  5. Owner must present the original warranty card along with a copy of the original invoice when requesting service.
  6. This warranty does not cover damage due to acts of owner negligence, accidents, misuse or abuse, acts of God, settling of the building, normal wear, or normal product expansion and contraction.
  7. Total Comfort shall have no obligation under this warranty unless all bills for installation, supplies, and service have been paid in full and on time to Total Comfort.
  8. Total Comfort will remedy any defect under this warranty up to a cost equal to the combined original invoice price of installation and materials for the item in question.
  9. Except for the express warranty listed herein, Total Comfort assumes no liability, including but not limited to, liability for direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, or special damages.
  10. This document comprises the entire warranty and shall not be modified verbally or in other any way.
  11. Caulking and weatherstripping are under warranty for two years.